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Gingivitis Treatment by Periodontist Dr. Marichia Attalla DDS, PC

Gingivitis Treatment by Nassau County Periodontist Dr. Marichia Attalla

Treatment for Gingivitis by Nassau County Periodontist, Dr. Marichia Attalla in Williston Park, NY 11596

Gingivitis is inflammation in the gums that if left untreated, can lead to more serious conditions like periodontal disease. Gingivitis can be a very painful disease complete with red, swollen gums, but when it is treated right away with specialized Gingivitis treatment in Nassau County, it can be stopped dead in its tracks. The damage that has been done can be reversed if the disease is caught in its early stages, but if it progresses to periodontal disease, then chances are, the disease can be stopped but the damage done cannot be reversed. Contact Dr. Marichia Attalla for a free consultation.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is described as inflammation in the gums and tissue surrounding the teeth. This condition is preventable and treatable, but the damage can only be reversed if the disease has not progressed. The most common causes of Gingivitis include: lack of dental care, inadequate dental hygiene at home, stress factors, and even some viruses and fungi.

There are ways that you can tell if you might have Gingivitis including bleeding gums when you brush your teeth, tender gums and red, swollen gums that can be painful when you touch them or brush your teeth. Only your dentist can diagnose Gingivitis, making regular dentist visits an important aspect to your overall gum health.

How is Gingivitis Diagnosed?

During your routine dental exam, your dentist along with the hygienist will assess each tooth. They will give the gum surrounding that tooth four numbers from 0-3. These four numbers are then averaged to give your dentist the overall score for that tooth. Additional tests may be requested including X-Rays of the affected area to ensure that no further damage has been done. It is important for the dentist to ensure that the Gingivitis has not, or is not about to, progress into full blown periodontal disease as the treatment plan would change based on the outcome of the diagnosis.

Dr. Attalla's No Pain Treatment Plan

Dr. Attalla in Nassau County has implemented a treatment plan for Gingivitis that allows you to get the treatment you need without the typical pain and discomfort that you have found in the past from dentists. Dr. Attalla will start your personalized treatment by ensuring that you feel no pain.

There are many new ways for sedation, such as nitrous oxide, which will help you relax and not feel what is going on but you are still capable of driving and even going back to work later in the day; or there are sedation pills which you will take about a half hour before your appointment that are a type of anti-anxiety medication so that you are able to fully relax. The downside to the pills is that you will be required to have someone else drive you home and it is not advised that you return to work that same day.

Once you are fully relaxed, the Dr. Attalla will begin your treatment plan. The treatment is usually performed in two visits, the right side of the mouth is done followed by the left side or vice versa. The procedure will consist of deep cleaning of each tooth. While this is similar to your regular cleaning, it differs because the hygienist must really dig down deep into the gums to ensure that each and every bit of plaque has been removed as this is what most likely caused your Gingivitis to begin with. Once the quadrant has been completed, your teeth look and feel like new, once the entire process is done, you will feel better and have a brighter, more beautiful smile than ever before.

When Left Untreated

Gingivitis is not a difficult disease to treat although it might sound like a daunting procedure. In fact, this is a no-drill, non-surgical treatment plan, as opposed to other diseases that might occur if Gingivitis is left untreated. The most common disease caused by Gingivitis is periodontal disease. While the damage done by Gingivitis can be reversed with treatment, once you have periodontal disease, the damage is irreversible.

Many patients who left Gingivitis untreated have found that they suffer from extremely sensitive gums that can often become painful to even eat. They are also very red and swollen and sometimes begin to decay. This decay in the gums eventually leads to tooth decay which is the leading cause in tooth loss.

When you leave a disease like Gingivitis untreated, then the chances are very high that you will eventually lose your teeth and require dentures. Your specialized Gingivitis treatment in Nassau County will ensure that you leave the office with healthy gums and teeth without the worry of the worst case scenario.

What About Recovery?

The prime concern of most patients is how long it takes for them to recover from their Gingivitis treatment so they can go back to their daily responsibilities and work. The fact is, once your treatment is done, you can typically go back to work that day. There may be a small bit of tenderness where Dr. Attalla worked that day, but it is nothing that will keep you from your daily activities. You will likely want to eat soft foods for the rest of that day as well, but you should be back to yourself by the next day. The overall time with treatments is usually about a month.

Free Consultation

If you suspect you might have Gingivitis, contact Dr. Marichia Attalla today for a free initial consultation. Dr. Attalla's office staff will be able to help you decide which payment plan will work for you as they offer many financing options as well as the acceptance of most major insurance programs. Contact Dr. Attalla today to begin your Gingivitis treatment in Nassau County that will give you a healthy smile free from Gingivitis.

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Patient Testimonials

“I have an issue with my lower back teeth getting numb for procedures. Sometimes it can take up to a half hour to numb me. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Attalla was because she offered sedation options, which helps them to be able to get to work on me faster without me jumping out of the chair.

The fact that she is so great at what she does, is so patient, and the office is so helpful was a wonderful added bonus!”

-Michelle. F.
Mineola, NY

The stages of Periodontal Disease for gums in need of treatment of Gingivitis by Nassau County Periodontist, Dr. Marichia Attalla in Williston Park, NY 11596
Gingivitis is inflammation in the gums that, if left untreated, can lead to more serious conditions like periodontal disease. It can be a very painful disease, but when it is treated right away with specialized Gingivitis treatment, it can be stopped and even reversed if caught in its early stages. 
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