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Gum Grafting Treatment by Periodontist Dr. Marichia Attalla DDS, PC

Gum Grafting Treatment by Nassau County Periodontist Dr. Marichia Attalla

Treatment for Gum Grafting by Nassau County Periodontist, Dr. Marichia Attalla in Williston Park, NY 11596

Receding gums result in a less attractive smile as well as increasing tooth sensitivity as the roots of your teeth become more and more exposed - both of these issues can be remedied with a gum grafting treatment in Nassau County. Dr. Attalla uses this minimally invasive technique to repair gum recession using your own gum tissue or suitable donor tissue. It is fast, effective as well as pain-free and you can get back to your normal routine the day after your surgery. Contact Dr. Marichia Attalla today for a free consultation.

What Is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is the most effective way to treat gum recession. It is a quick, straight-forward technique that sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is. It is practically painless and gum recession itself is often more painful than the treatment. Gum recession is one of the most common dental problems experienced by adults today. It's also one of the many dental problems that tends to go unnoticed until it becomes severe. It affects as many as 12% of adults at any given time. Often it goes unnoticed because the changes are so gradual.

Gum recession can have a number of different causes. Sometimes it is the result of periodontal disease, other times it can be genetic. Some cases of recession are the result of overly-aggressive tooth brushing, the use of tobacco products, or even just genetic conditions and thin gums. Lip and tongue piercings may rub away at the gum line, and misaligned teeth can put uneven pressure on the gums - all leading to gum recession. No matter the cause, gum grafting can help to remedy the symptoms effectively.

There are three types of gum grafting procedures - connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts and pedicle grafts. The specific type of grafting you need will be determined based on your individual condition. All three of the types of grafting are still minimally invasive and practically painless. Grafting replaces lost gum tissue, keeping your teeth healthy, protecting your roots and making sure your smile looks its best. Gum grafts are long-lasting, but depending upon the cause of your gum recession you may require another graft in the future.

Why Is Gum Grafting Important?

The recession of your gums can have a number of negative consequences. The most common symptom is increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods because the roots of your teeth become more and more exposed. Sensitive teeth are often viewed as just an inconvenience until the pain becomes severe. If the gums recede a great deal, then the pain will increase dramatically. Receding gums also result in unsightly changes in your smile. Your teeth will look longer as more of each tooth becomes exposed. This can take a toll on your confidence.

If gum recession goes on long enough, it can also actually cause significant damage to the bones that support the roots of your teeth. When the bones become damaged, it can lead to your teeth falling out. Lost teeth may require dental implants or you may need additional surgery to repair the bone loss. Like many types of dental surgery, gum grafting to treat receding gums is most effective when the condition is dealt with early. It will allow you to look and feel much better.

The Gum Grafting Process

The most common type of gum grafting treatment in Nassau County is the connective tissue graft. This method is highly-effective and it treats basic root exposure from gum recession. A small flap of skin is cut from the palate, or roof of your mouth. It requires subepithelial connective tissue from under the flap of your palate. This connective tissue is collected and then stitched to your gum at the exposed root.

Free gingival root grafts are similar to the connective tissue grafts. Instead of using subepithelial connective tissue it just uses tissue straight from your palate. This method is typically used on patients that have naturally thin gums and benefit from additional tissue in general.

The third procedure is a pedicle graft. This process involves taking nearby gum tissue and stretching it over the exposed root. This method only works on patients that have large gums and ample gum tissue to work with.

In some cases, donor tissue may be more effective than using your own tissue. Dr. Attalla may also employ the use of tissue-stimulating proteins to speed the grafting process and encourage natural gum growth along with the growing of the grafted tissue.

Gum Grafting Recovery

Gum grafting is an outpatient surgery. You can typically go home right away following the procedure. Local anesthetics are used to numb the surgical area and you may be given a sedative. Most patients only experience mild discomfort and healing is quite rapid, so prescription pain medicines and antibiotics are not necessary.

Most of the pain associated with gum grafting actually involves the palate if you have tissue removed from there. If pain occurs, it is usually comparable to a burn and can be treated with over-the-counter medications. As the graft heals you won't want to brush or floss at the gum line of the surgical site. For the first week you will also only want to eat soft, cool foods. This helps to prevent irritation, and cool foods will also relieve any pain on the roof of your mouth.

Complete healing takes only 2 weeks at most and you can return to work the day following your surgery with no problems. In essentially no time your teeth will be less sensitive and your smile will be rejuvenated.

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If you have concerns about receding gums, then you shouldn't hesitate to contact Dr. Marichia Attalla right away for a free consultation. Gum grafting treatment in Nassau County might be right for you. The office will take care of all the necessary insurance paperwork and almost all major insurance programs are accepted. There are even financing options for people that qualify.

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“I was between jobs, and without insurance, when I needed emergency periodontal work. I had been trying to deal with the pain, but it got so bad I had to go to someone. Dr. Attalla saw me and provided some minor services to help me get out of pain.

I got a new job with new insurance shortly after, and Dr. Attalla finished what she needed to do. That was six year ago, and she has been my Periodontist ever since.”
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Gum grafting is the most effective way to treat gum recession. It is a quick, straight-forward technique that sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is. It is practically painless and gum recession itself is often more painful than the treatment.
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