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Good oral and periodontal health is important for people of all ages. A periodontist for children in Nassau County can help to combat chronic gingivitis and aggressive periodontitis, which are two periodontal conditions that occur in younger people. Please contact Dr. Attalla, who can handle both conditions with effective, pain-free treatments to protect your child's smile for years to come.

Why Do Children Need A Periodontist?

A common misconception is that children don't need to be concerned with periodontal disease. It's true that periodontal disease is more common in older individuals, but there are two conditions that can affect teenagers and even younger children as well - aggressive periodontitis and chronic gingivitis. A periodontist that specializes in oral care for children can treat both of these conditions, which often require procedures that a regular dentist cannot perform.
  • Aggressive periodontitis comes in two forms. It can be either localized or generalized. The localized form usually affects the first molars and incisors of teenagers that are otherwise healthy. When untreated, it results in severe bone loss of the aveolar bone. Generalized periodontitis typically begins around puberty and affects the entire mouth. Hormonal changes make the soft tissue of the mouth susceptible to irritation. The gums will often become heavily inflamed and there is extensive plaque and tartar build-up.
  • Chronic gingivitis is very common in children, especially younger children. Luckily, it is easily preventable and easily treatable when diagnosed early. It occurs because of improper brushing techniques and is one of the main reasons that children should visit the dentist for a routine cleaning every six months at least. It can advance into more severe periodontal disease when it goes ignored for too long. If it worsens substantially before being treated, then a periodontist is required in order to do an extensive deep cleaning to remove all of the tartar.

Why Is Periodontal Health Is Important For Children?

Periodontal health is important for children for the same reasons that it is important for adults. If a child has a periodontal condition it can lead to the loss of permanent teeth, which will affect the child for the rest of his or her life. Lost teeth obviously result in cosmetic changes, but they may also interfere with nutrition because the child can no longer chew properly. Missing teeth also affect speech and can lead to self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Poor periodontal health has also been associated with heart disease and diabetes later in life.

Both chronic gingivitis and either form of aggressive periodontitis need to be diagnosed properly and treated early. Prevention is key and if that isn't possible then early treatment is the next best thing.

Along with inflammation and obvious tartar build-up, some other indicators of periodontal conditions in children include bleeding gums, bad breath and gum recession. Only an experienced periodontist for children in Nassau County can assess, treat and repair periodontal damage. Dr. Attalla performs pain-free assessments and then determines the best course of action.

How Periodontal Treatments for Children are Performed

The treatment approach for chronic gingivitis depends on how advanced the condition is. Gingivitis leads to pockets in the gums and those pockets are measured with probes. Tartar is removed from the teeth using scaling, which is a non-surgical treatment. It's also possible for children to have root-planing done to smooth out uneven areas on the teeth that are inclined to accumulate plaque.

If aggressive periodontitis is allowed to advance, it may become necessary for children to have bone grafts. The bone loss associated with periodontitis can cause teeth to become loose and fall out or need to be extracted. Gum recession can be treated using gum grafts in which the soft tissue of the palate or donor tissue is used to replace lost gum tissue around the roots of the teeth.

Painless Recovery Times

Recovery from non-surgical as well as surgical treatments are fast and relatively painless. All procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and children can get back to their daily routines the day after. Pain is mild to non-existent and can be handled with over-the-counter medications. Ignoring and not treating any periodontal condition in a child will actually result in substantially more pain and discomfort.

After being treated or receiving any sort of repair surgery, it is extremely important that children learn and maintain good dental hygiene habits. Plaque naturally accumulates on the teeth, so brushing should be done twice a day and flossing should occur daily. If a child is diagnosed with chronic gingivitis, then this is even more important. If a child has periodontitis, a periodontal examination should also be part of his or her oral care routine.

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