Patient Testimonials for Dr. Marichia Attalla

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Maricha Attalla Nassau County Periodontist

Patient Reviews for Periodontist Dr. Marichia Attalla, Nassau County, Williston Park, NY 11596

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"As a diabetic, I have to go to my dentist and my periodontist twice a year just for maintenance. I have always found Dr. Attalla to be extremely caring about her patients. I don't think I have ever had to wait more than a few minutes to see the doctor, and she is very detailed in explaining what is going on, and how we can help improve my dental health. She really bends over backwards to accommodate her patients."

-Chris N. Garden City, NY

“A day before I was going on vacation, I had a problem with my crown coming loose and falling out. I thought I would try some over the counter product to see if it holds in place, but it didn't. When I called Dr. Attalla's office, they understood the urgency of my situation and were able to accommodate me right away. To my surprise, I didn't even have to sit in the waiting room long. The office processed all my insurance paperwork, which I often find to be more painful then going to the dentist in the first place. Dr. Attalla has been my Periodontist ever since.”

-Jill. H., Merrick, NY

“My daughter had to have a tooth pulled, and she was afraid of the whole process. I have to complement Dr. Attalla on how understanding she was in dealing with children. She was patient and took her time to make my daughter feel as comfortable as could be expected. In doing so, she made me feel comfortable too.”

-Janice K. Massapequa, NY

“I just absolutely love that I don't have to deal with any dental insurance forms when I see Dr. Attalla. The office calls and works with my insurance company to make sure all my periodontal services are covered, and they tell me in advance what my co-pay will be, and if I have any out-of-pocket expense, which rarely happens, and if it does, the cost is minimal. In the past, I've had trouble with surprise bills for services that weren't fully covered from other Periodontists, and I'm happy to say I've never had the same problem in the three years I've been seeing Dr. Attalla.”

-Jerry K. Elmont, NY

“I have always found the Dental Hygienist to be top-notch when I come in for a routine cleaning. Some visits are quicker than other, and I appreciate when they spend more time cleaning my teeth when it's needed. I also like that Dr. Attalla personally comes in after my cleaning to inspect the work and check that everything is okay. I highly recommend Dr. Attalla and her team!”

-John B., Glen Cove, NY

I confess, when it comes to having any type of dental work done, I am a wimp when it comes to pain. In fact, I'm more likely to postpone or cancel periodontal appointments than I am to actually go. Dr. Attalla is very sensitive and compassionate to reducing any pain a patient might feel during a procedure. I never feel rushed, and she does the best she can to eliminate my anxiety. Her post-care is excellent, too. She anticipates any problems I might have and follows up religiously.

-William R., Locust Valley, NY

“If my mother was a Periodontist, she'd be just like Dr. Attalla. That's the kind of relationship you can expect from her. Our family comes from Long Beach to see her, and we wouldn't think about going to someone else.”

-Linda S., Long Beach, NY

"Dr. Attalla sets the standard for pain-free periodontal treatments."

-Susan H., Rockville Centre, NY

“When I needed dental implants, my dentist recommended Dr. Attalla in Williston Park. She was kind enough to let me come in for a free consultation, and explained to me everything I needed to know about the process. Our meeting took almost 45 minutes, and I sincerely appreciated the time and effort she made for me, without being an existing patient. Needless to say, I did choose her as my Periodontist, and I couldn't be happier with my choice and my new implants.”

-Kerri S., Wantagh, NY

“I didn't even know I had a gum disease until I found my gums were bleeding, I guess it's part getting old and part not brushing as well as I should be. Dr. Attalla is a dream. She's polite, takes the time to explain what's going on in my mouth and what I can do make things better. She's done some preventative procedures to help get me back on track, and I happy with the results and the education I received in daily maintenance for the future.”

-"Big" Jim, Seaford, NY

"After years of trying to figure out how to keep my dentures in my mouth so I could be comfortable, eat my favorite foods again, etc., someone told me about the implant overdentures. I didn't even know there was such a thing. Finally I have teeth that feel like they belong in my mouth again. Dr. Attalla did such a great job, calmed my nerves and answered all my questions about the whole process. I owe the whole office a big thanks!”

-Charlie D., N. Bellmore, NY

"I have an issue with my lower back teeth getting numb for procedures. Sometimes it can take up to a half hour to numb me. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Attalla was because she offered sedation options, which helps them to be able to get to work on me faster without me jumping out of the chair. The fact that she is so great at what she does, is so patient, and the office is so helpful was a wonderful added bonus!”

-Michelle. F., Mineola, NY

“I was between jobs, and without insurance, when I needed emergency periodontal work. I had been trying to deal with the pain, but it got so bad I had to go to someone. Dr. Attalla saw me and provided some minor periodontal services to help me get out of pain. I got a new job with new insurance shortly after, and Dr. Attalla finished what she needed to do. That was six years ago, and she has been my Periodontist ever since.”

-Charles W., Elmhurst, NY

"For years I had been having 3x annual periodontal care however, when Dr. Attalla became my periodontist she diagnosed a bad pocket on her first exam. Since I have been under her care, I feel more secure knowing that my gums are in good hands! She is compassionate, caring and highly skillful. My hygienist Denise has always been there for me and has provided me with excellent care throughout the for over 10 years. I love them both!"

-Lenore Bruno, NYC

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