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In younger periodontal patients, the reason for tooth extraction may be misaligned gums or jaw line or too many teeth that don't allow for natural pre-adolescent growth. Teens may require extraction when wisdom teeth begin to protrude through the surface of their gums and cause pain. In older patients, gum disease may seriously destroy teeth and the only option remaining is extraction. To find out more, contact Dr. Marichia Attalla for a free consultation. Tooth extraction in Nassau County is a specialty in her practice and new patients are welcome.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction, as its name implies, is the surgical removal of a tooth. Extraction may include incisors, molars or bicuspids. State-of-the-art extraction procedures are provided to reduce pain and help patients feel more confident during extraction procedures.

Tooth extraction in Nassau County is one of the most comprehensive procedures available to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The procedure consists of using an anesthetic to prepare patients for the removal of one or more teeth, as applicable. Few patients are aware of the actual removal of the tooth while under anesthesia. Once the tooth is removed, the space in the gum is sutured. Each patient is provided with specific information on recuperation after having a tooth extracted.

Why is it Important to Get Tooth Extraction Done?

Many patients suffer from infections in the tissues in their gums. When deep periodontal cleaning doesn't heal these infections, the process of tooth removal becomes necessary. Tooth decay often leads to other physical ailments once bacteria builds up in gums. As teeth begin to decay, decayed matter causes build up of bacteria between teeth and in gums.

Many cardiologists warn their patients that not having proper dental and periodontal care can lead to heart disease, resulting from bleeding and infected gums that destroy a healthy mouth and force heart valves to pump greater amounts of blood to supply gums. Since teeth and gums play an important part in overall good physical health, having a seriously decayed tooth extracted is essential.

The Process of Tooth Extraction

Full details of the process of tooth extraction in Nassau County are provided for patients. This includes showing patients X-rays of the tooth to be extracted and implementing procedures for the patient to follow so the extraction process progresses smoothly.

The doctor consults with patients on the preferred choice of anesthesia and reviews any allergies to anesthesia the patient may have. The most common types of anesthesia include:
  • Local - Injection of a numbing substance near the site of the extraction
  • Sedation - An injection rendering the patient into a semi-conscious state
The actual process of having a tooth extracted includes making an incision in the gum that creates a flap exposing bone and tooth. Excess bone that blocks access to the tooth may also need to be removed. The tooth to be extracted may be divided into two sections to make removal easier. The periodontist then cleans the site of the extraction to remove any remaining tooth or bone debris near extraction site. In some cases, the wound may be stitched if needed. Sterilized gauze is placed over the extraction site to minimize bleeding and encourage clotting.

Pre-extraction instructions are provided regarding whether or not eating before the procedure is allowed. Advice on regularly prescribed medications taken by patients is also thoroughly reviewed and discussed, as well as instructions on taking non-prescription medications.

Also discussed is proper treatment after tooth removal to minimize pain or infection. Under the periodontist's expert guidance, the process of extraction is painless. If minimal pain does occur, a prescription pain medication can alleviate this.

Patients are encouraged to spend one full day relaxing and avoid more strenuous work for one week during the healing process. After the extraction of the tooth or teeth, patients should drink copious amounts of fluids, avoiding beverages with carbonation, caffeine and hot drinks. It's advisable not to drink beverages with straws, as this can discourage healing. Patients should also choose soft foods for the first day after extraction, taking care to avoid overly hot or spicy foods until the wound has closed. Patients will be advised on replacing gauze over the extraction site where necessary.

Recovery Time from Tooth Extraction

Most patients are surprised at the short recovery time after their tooth is extracted. By following pre- and post-extraction advice carefully, the healing procedure progresses from minimal discomfort on day one to barely perceptible discomfort by day three. Take the time to allow the incision site to heal properly. This is extremely important in order to enjoy a healthy, pain free mouth and a beautiful smile.

Tooth Extraction When You Need It

Once patients need the extraction of a tooth, it's important to tend to this necessity as soon as possible. Delays can have a ripple effect on physical health, not to mention debilitating pain that causes loss of energy, lost days at work and enjoyment of normal activities.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

A hallmark of Dr. Attalla's practice is one her patients highly appreciate. Free consultations make the procedure for extraction of the teeth more understood and all pertinent questions are answered for the most reticent patients.

Another feature patients appreciate is that Dr. Attalla's practice accepts most all insurance plans and her friendly, experienced staff prepare all of the insurance paperwork. With financing options available, the issue of having an extraction needn't be delayed.

Patients know they can rely on Dr. Attalla for the most comprehensive, relatively pain free extraction experience. Her expertise provides the confidence and reassurance of a stress free tooth extraction in Nassau County with the reward of a beautiful, healthy mouth. Contact Dr. Marichia Attalla and make an appointment today.

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Patient Testimonials

“My daughter had to have a tooth pulled, and she was afraid of the whole process. I have to complement Dr. Attalla on how understanding she was in dealing with children. She was patient and took her time to make my daughter feel as comfortable as could be expected. In doing so, she made me feel comfortable too.”
-Janice K.
Massapequa, NY

Woman who went to Dr, Marichia Attalla in Nassau County for her painless tooth extractions.
Tooth extraction is the surgical removal of a tooth. Extraction may include incisors, molars or bicuspids. State-of-the-art extraction procedures are provided to reduce pain and help patients feel more confident during extraction procedures.
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