Apps for Dental Hygiene

Mobile Apps for Dental Hygiene

Apps for Dental Hygiene

Try Some GreatMobile Apps for Improved Dental Hygiene from Dr. Marichia Attalla, Leading Nassau County Periodontist

Just like everything else, dental care has reached the app store. Want a reminder to floss? There's an app for that. Want a detailed description on actually how to floss? There's an app for that, too. People have become so entrenched in their handheld technology that most prefer seeking out dental care resources on their phones rather than hearing it from the hygienist. But that's okay because if anything, these apps are helping people make better choices when it comes to their dental care.

Some of the best apps for dental hygiene include:

Dental Care HD -This app by Egate IT Solutions is $0.99 and is available for iPhone and iPad users. It provides flossing information and tutorials. Some of the sections include dental problems, eating right for the best oral health, and a guide to help the user know when they should visit the dentist and when they don't have to.

Brush DJ -This app by UK dentist Ben Underwood is free. It is a clever brushing timer that resources the user's own music library to get them to brush for an entire two minutes. Find a list of great brushing songs at the app's website:

MyDentist -
This app by DentalAnywhere is free to download. It is all about improving patient and dentist communication. When a dental emergency happens after hours, this app makes it easy to for the patient to express what's wrong to the dentist using diagrams, pictures, and text. In turn, the dentist can quickly relay to the patient emergency instructions until they can see them in person.

Habit Streak -This free app by German Espitia helps users track their flossing habit. To glean the benefits of flossing, it needs to be done daily. The habit needs to take hold, and with this app, it's easier to get there.

Dental Phobia -
This app by Dr. Jeff Sherer is $.099. You can't have great hygiene without regularly going to the dentist. This helpful app provides information on coping strategies for dealing with dental fears, as well as alternatives.

Colgate Tooth Fairy - This app by MagiClick Digital Solutions is free and includes ways to build brushing routines and teeth brushing timers. It also has games like "Teeth Battle" and "Funky Smiles" to help get your kids into the app.

My Smile - This app by You Plus Pty Ltd. is $1.29 and allows users to compare your current tooth color to other colors on a 15 shade palate. This app is intended to act as a monitor of your tooth color over time.

KidsDental - This app by Orca Health, Inc. is $1.99. Taking care of teeth can be boring, that's why this app is great for kids, it makes dental hygiene exciting! It also covers issues like cavities and gingivitis.

Braces Help - This app by The Dental Specialists is free and helps kids (and adults) with what to do in certain situations when wearing braces. It also helps braces wearers learn about how to take care of their braces.

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening - This app by Philips is free and is used for people who are interested in knowing what their teeth would look like if they were to apply whiteners. The app uses a photo of the person that can be then shared via email or social media.

Tiny Dentist - This app by Anastasiia Markacheva is free and puts kids in the position of the dentist. It allows them to get comfortable with the feel of the dentist "office" and "tools" through the app, along with pretending to be a dentist so they can be less fearful of the dentist's office.

Chomper Chums - This app by United Concordia Dental is free, and it's another great app to help kids learn about correct brushing techniques.

Good dental hygiene is just as important as exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep. Whether you are four or 94, it's never too early to start learning about proper oral care and these apps will get you on your way to proper flossing techniques, proper brushing techniques, and much more.

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