Top 5 Foods That Stain Teeth

Top 5 Foods That Stain Teeth

Top 5 Foods That Stain Teeth

Preventing and Minimizing Stained Teeth from Dr. Marichia Attalla, Leading Nassau County Periodontist

There's nothing quite like a bright, white smile to give your confidence a boost. No one wants yellow or brown, stained teeth, but it can seem quite difficult to get and maintain that white smile you want. This is thanks mostly to the fact that almost everything you eat and drink will leave some trace on your teeth. These stains can be surface stains just affecting the enamel, or they can be deep penetrating stains that have built up over time. Some foods will begin to stain your teeth significantly and pretty much immediately upon consumption. Here are the top five foods known for their uncanny ability to stain your teeth:

1. Coffee -Coffee is the go-to morning drink of a lot of people. It's a great pick-me-up, and you probably have a cup or two to start your day. Recent studies have shown that drinking coffee is associated with numerous health benefits, but coffee is also notorious for staining teeth. The darker the roast, the more it will stain, and it will stain right away. Cut back on black coffee and consider diluting it with your preferred milk or cream or follow up your morning cuppa with a glass of water. You may also want to try iced coffee. You can drink iced coffee with a straw which minimizes the contact it has with your teeth.

2. Black Tea -Tea, especially black tea, is much like coffee - they have loads of health benefits and also stain your teeth pretty much on contact. Green, white and herbal teas are not going to stain your teeth as much, so you might want to look into one of them as an alternative or simply mix-up your tea routine. As with coffee, you can also add milk or cream to dilute the troublesome staining pigments.

3. Red Wine -Once again a popular drink with known health benefits also has teeth-staining properties - red wine. Along with dark pigments that are apt to stain, red wine is also quite acidic, and the acid will cause damage to your tooth enamel. When the enamel is worn away it makes staining more likely and also makes it more difficult to whiten your teeth later to remove the stains. A good solution is to drink water along with your wine. Have a sip of water between sips of wine you'll still be able to enjoy a glass with dinner.

4. Berries -Berries are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. Brightly colored and dark berries like blueberries, cherries and blackberries can cause a fair amount of discoloration. This is true whether you're eating fresh berries in the summer, or snacking on a slice of pie or a berry tart. Berries are also acidic like red wine. It is recommended that you brush your teeth after eating any of these berries. Light colored berries like white grapes are not likely to stain, so consider them for a healthy snack.

5. Hard Candy -Candy should only be eaten in moderation for a number of different reasons. You're probably familiar with certain candies turning your tongue blue or green, and these candies will do the same thing to your teeth if you eat them in excess - not to mention the effects of sugar on your teeth. The dyes used to color the candy to make it look more appealing and fun will dye your teeth when you eat it, so be sure to brush after eating the sweet treats.

Being more aware of the foods you eat is one of the best ways to get and maintain a whiter smile. Many foods that are inclined to stain your teeth are quite healthy and they definitely shouldn't be cut out of your diet entirely. Easy steps, like taking your coffee or tea with milk and brushing your teeth after meals, will prolong your whitening treatments and help fight future staining.

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